Emoia is a genus of skinks, lizards in the subfamilyEugongylinae.[1] The genus Emoia belongs to a group of genera mainly from the southwestern PacificAustralian region.

Genus of lizards

Pacific bluetail skink
(Emoia caeruleocauda)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Family: Scincidae
Subfamily: Eugongylinae
Genus: Emoia
Gray, 1845

78, see text


These small skinks are commonly known as emoias or skinks.

. . . Emoia . . .

List of 78 valid Emoia species and their respective authors, geographical ranges, and common names from the Reptile Database:[2]

Species Region Geographical range Common name
Emoia adspersa(Steindachner, 1870) Oceania South Pacific Steindachner’s emo skink, Micronesian skink, dark-sided emoia, dark-sided skink, dateline emoia
Emoia aeneaW.C. Brown & F. Parker, 1985 New Guinea S. New Guinea bronze emo skink
Emoia aneityumensisMedway, 1974 Vanuatu Aneityum Medway’s emo skink, Anatom emo skink
Emoia arnoensisW.C. Brown & Marshall, 1953 Micronesia Carolines, Marshalls, Nauru, Micronesia Micronesia black skink
Emoia atrocostata(Lesson, 1830) widespread Asia littoral whiptail-skink, mangrove skink, littoral skink
Emoia aurulentaW.C. Brown & F. Parker, 1985 New Guinea SW PNG Brown’s emo skink, golden forest skink
Emoia battersbyi(Procter, 1923) New Guinea N. New Guinea Battersby’s emo skink
Emoia baudini(A.M.C. Duméril & Bibron, 1839) New Guinea, Maluku Bird’s Head and nearby islands great bight cool-skink, Baudin’s skink
Emoia beryllionKraus, 2018 Rossel Island Rossel Island
Emoia bismarckensisW.C. Brown, 1983 New Britain New Britain (Bismarck Archipelago)
Emoia boettgeri(Sternfeld, 1918) Micronesia Carolines (e.g. Ponape), Marshall Islands, Micronesia (Lukunor Atoll), Uman District Islands Boettger’s emo skink, Micronesia forest skink
Emoia bogertiW.C. Brown, 1953 New Guinea Baliem, Papua, Indonesia highlands Bogert’s emo skink
Emoia brongersmaiW.C. Brown, 1991 New Guinea Sibil Valley, upper Digul drainage, Irian Jaya Brongersma’s emo skink, Brongersma’s forest skink
Emoia caeruleocauda(De Vis, 1892) Pacific Pacific Pacific bluetail skink
Emoia callisticta(W. Peters & Doria, 1878) New Guinea Sorong
Emoia campbelliW.C. Brown & J.R.H. Gibbons, 1986 Fiji Viti Levu montane emo skink, Vitilevu Mountain treeskink
Emoia coggeriW.C. Brown, 1991 New Guinea Singorakai, northern Huon Peninsula, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea Cogger’s emo skink
Emoia concolor(A.H.A. Duméril, 1851) Fiji Fiji Islands, Rotuma Island Fiji green emo skink, Viti slender treeskink
Emoia cyanogaster(Lesson, 1830) Melanesia PNG, Solomons, Vanuatu, Admiralty Teal emo skink
Emoia cyanura(Lesson, 1830) Pacific Pacific copper-tailed skink
Emoia cyclopsW.C. Brown, 1991 New Guinea Cyclops Mountains Cyclops emo skink
Emoia digulW.C. Brown, 1991 New Guinea Sibil Valley, upper Digul drainage, Irian Jaya Digul emo skink
Emoia erronanW.C. Brown, 1991 Vanuatu Futuna Island common emo skink, Erronan treeskink
Emoia flavigularisSchmidt, 1932 Solomons (Bougainville), Solomons yellow-throated emo skink
Emoia guttataW.C. Brown & Allison, 1986 New Guinea Morobe Province Allison’s emo skink
Emoia impar(F. Werner, 1898) Oceania South Pacific dark-bellied copper-striped skink, azure-tailed skink
Emoia irianensisW.C. Brown, 1991 New Guinea Paniai Lakes Irian emo skink
Emoia isolataW.C. Brown, 1991 Solomons Solomon Islands (Rennell Island); Bellona Island isolated emo skink
Emoia jakati(Kopstein, 1926) Oceania South Pacific Kopstein’s emo skink
Emoia jamurW.C. Brown, 1991 New Guinea Gariau area, Jamur Lake, on neck of land south of Geelvink Bay, Irian Jaya Jamur emo skink
Emoia kitcheneriHow, Durrant, L.A. Smith & Saleh, 1998 Sumba Sumba
Emoia klossi(Boulenger, 1914) New Guinea, Maluku East Indonesia; PNG Kloss’s emo skink
Emoia kordoana(A. Meyer, 1874) New Guinea, Maluku East Indonesia; PNG Meyer’s emo skink
Emoia kuekenthali(Boettger, 1895) New Guinea, Maluku Maluku, Admiralties Kuekenthal’s emo skink
Emoia laobaoensisBourret, 1937 Asia Quang Tri Bourret’s emo skink, Laobao mangrove skink
Emoia lawesii(Günther, 1874) Oceania Niue, Samoa, Tonga Günther’s emo skink, olive small-scaled skink
Emoia longicauda(Macleay, 1877) widespread East Indonesia; PNG; Queensland shrub whiptail-skink
Emoia loveridgeiW.C. Brown, 1953 New Guinea Toem, Irian Jaya Loveridge’s emo skink
Emoia loyaltiensis(Roux, 1913) Loyalty Islands Mare and Lifou islands, Loyalty Islands Roux’s emo skink, Loyalty Islands emoia
Emoia maculataW.C. Brown, 1954 Solomons Ugi Island; Solomons spotted emo skink, spotted blue-tailed skink
Emoia maximaW.C. Brown, 1953 New Guinea New Guinea great emo skink
Emoia mivarti(Boulenger, 1887) New Guinea, Maluku Admiralty Islands, Waigeo and N Irian Jaya (Indonesia), Bismarck Archipelago Boulenger’s emo skink, Admiralty five-striped skink
Emoia mokolahiZug, Ineich, Pregill & Hamilton, 2012 Tonga Tonga Islands (Vava‘u)
Emoia mokosariniveikauZug & Ineich, 1995 Fiji Vanua Levu Vanualevu slender treeskink
Emoia montanaW.C. Brown, 1991 New Guinea Papua New Guinea (Baiyer River drainage, Western Highlands Province) mountain emo skink
Emoia nativitatis(Boulenger, 1887) Christmas Islands Christmas Islands Christmas Island forest skink, Christmas Island whiptail skink
Emoia nigra(Jacquinot & Guichenot, 1853) Melanesia Bismarcks; Solomons; Vanuatu black emo skink
Emoia nigromarginata(Roux, 1913) Vanuatu Vanuatu black-bordered emo skink, Vanuatu silver vineskink
Emoia obscura(De Jong, 1927) New Guinea New Guinea obscure emo skink
Emoia oribataW.C. Brown, 1953 New Guinea New Guinea
Emoia orivaZug, 2012 Fiji Fiji Islands (Rotuma)
Emoia pallidiceps(De Vis, 1890) New Guinea New Guinea; Bismarcks De Vis’s emo skink
Emoia paniaiW.C. Brown, 1991 New Guinea Paniai, Wissel Lakes, Irian Jaya coastal emo skink
Emoia parkeriW.C. Brown, Pernetta & D. Watling, 1980 Fiji Fiji Islands (Kadavu, Viti Levu, Ovalau, Taveuni) Parker’s emo skink, Viti copper-headed skink
Emoia physicae(A.M.C. Duméril & Bibron, 1839) New Guinea Papua New Guinea; Morobe and Gulf slender emo skink
Emoia physicinaW.C. Brown & F. Parker, 1985 New Guinea S. New Guinea five-toed emo skink, small keel-scaled skink
Emoia ponapeaKiester, 1982 Micronesia Caroline Islands, Ponape (Pacific), Micronesia Kiester’s emo skink, Ponape skink
Emoia popeiW.C. Brown, 1953 New Guinea Marienberg; PNG Pope’s emo skink
Emoia pseudocyanuraW.C. Brown, 1991 Solomons (Bougainville), Solomon Islands false bluetail emo skink
Emoia pseudopallidicepsW.C. Brown, 1991 New Guinea S. New Guinea arboreal emo skink
Emoia reimschisseliV. Tanner, 1950 Maluku Moratai Island, Moluccas Reimschisel’s emo skink
Emoia rennellensisW.C. Brown, 1991 Solomons Solomons (Rennell Island) bright emo skink, Rennell blue-tailed skink
Emoia ruficaudaTaylor, 1915 ISEA Philippines (Mindanao), Indonesia (Sulawesi ?) redtail emo skink
Emoia rufilabialisM. McCoy & Webber, 1984 Solomons (Santa Cruz Islands) red-lipped emo skink
Emoia samoensis(A.H.A. Duméril in A.M.C. Duméril & A.H.A. Duméril, 1851) – Samoan skink Oceania Western and American Samoa, Cook Island Samoa skink
Emoia sanfordiSchmidt & Burt, 1930 Vanuatu Vanuatu Sanford’s emo skink, Sanford’s tree skink
Emoia schmidtiW.C. Brown, 1954 Solomons Solomon Islands (New Georgia Island) Schmidt’s emo skink
Emoia similisDunn, 1927 Indonesia Lesser Sundas Dunn’s emo skink
Emoia sleviniW.C. Brown & Falanruw, 1972 Micronesia Mariana Islands Slevin’s emo skink,[3] Mariana skink
Emoia sorex(Boettger, 1895) Maluku Maluku Sorex emo skink
Emoia submetallica(Macleay, 1877) New Guinea PNG Madeay’s emo skink
Emoia taumakoensisM. McCoy & Webber, 1984 Solomons Santz Cruz; Taumako, Duff Islands, Solomon Islands. Taurnako emo skink
Emoia tetrataenia(Boulenger, 1895) New Guinea New Guinea four-striped emo skink
Emoia tongana(F. Werner, 1899) Tonga, Samoa Western Samoa and some northern Tongan islands (Futuna, Niuafo’ou, Niuatoputapu, Va’vau, Ha’apai) Polynesia slender treeskink
Emoia tropidolepis(Boulenger, 1914) New Guinea S. New Guinea forest emo skink
Emoia trossulaW.C. Brown & J.R.H. Gibbons, 1986 Oceania Fiji Islands, Rotuma Island, Cook Islands, Tonga Fiji barred treeskink, Gibbons’s emo skink, Viti barred treeskink
Emoia tuitarereZug, Hamilton & C. Austin, 2011 Oceania Rarotonga
Emoia veracundaW.C. Brown, 1953 New Guinea Sepik River, Marienberg tropical emo skink

Nota bene: A binomial authority in parentheses indicates that the species was originally described in a genus other than Emoia.

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