List of plants in Tsimanampetsotsa

This is a list of Vascular plant species occurring in Tsimanampetesotsa National Park, Madagascar.

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. . . List of plants in Tsimanampetsotsa . . .

This list of vascular plants found in Tsimanampetsotsa National Park is based primarily on Ratovonaman[1] with the addition of species noted in LaFleur,[2] mentioned in Tropicos[3] or verified observations on INaturalist.[4] Species names were checked for currency and endemisim using the Tropicos Catalogue of the Plants of Madagascar.[5] The name used in the primary reference is given in brackets if different from the current name given in Tropicos. Endemic species are marked with an asterisk *.

Acanthaceae *Achyrocalyx gossypinus
Acanthaceae *Anisotes divaricatus
Acanthaceae *Anisotes madagascariensis
Acanthaceae *Barleria humbertii
Acanthaceae *Blepharis calcitrapa
Acanthaceae *Crossandra poissonii
Acanthaceae *Ecbolium humbertii
Acanthaceae *Hypoestes cinerascens
Acanthaceae *Justicia spicata
Acanthaceae *Ruellia albopurpurea
Acanthaceae *Stenandrium humile
Aloeaceae Aloe divaricata
Amaranthaceae *Aerva madagassica
Amaranthaceae Arthrocnemum pachystachyum (Salicornia pachystachya) Glasswort
Anacardiaceae *Poupartia minor
Anacardiaceae *Operculicarya decaryi
Anacardiaceae *Operculicarya hyphaenoïdes
Apocynaceae *Cynanchum arenarium
Apocynaceae *Pachypodium geayi
Apocynaceae *Roupellina boivinii
Apocynaceae *Secamone geayi
Apocynaceae *Secamone pedicellaris
Apocynaceae *Secamone tenuifolia
Asparagaceae *Asparagus calcicolus
Asteraceae *Distephanus subluteus
Asteraceae *Helichrysum mahafaly
Asteraceae *Pluchea grevei
Asteraceae *Athroisma proteiforme (Polycline proteiformis)
Bignoniaceae *Rhigozum madagascariense
Bignoniaceae *Stereospermum nematocarpon
Bignoniaceae *Stereospermum variabile
Boraginaceae *Ehretia decaryi
Brassicaceae *Boscia longifolia
Brassicaceae Cadaba virgata
Brassicaceae *Maerua filiformis
Buddlejaceae *Androya decaryi
Burseraceae *Commiphora brevicalyx
Burseraceae *Commiphora humbertii
Burseraceae *Commiphora lamii
Burseraceae *Commiphora mahafaliensis
Burseraceae *Commiphora marchandii
Burseraceae *Commiphora monstruosa
Burseraceae *Commiphora orbicularis
Burseraceae *Commiphora simplicifolia
Burseraceae *Commiphora sinuata
Casuarinaceae Casuarina equisetifolia beach sheoak (likely introduced)
Celastraceae Gymnosporia linearis
Celastraceae Loeseneriella urceolus
Celastraceae *Salvadoropsis arenicola
Combretaceae *Combretum grandidieri
Combretaceae *Terminalia disjuncta
Combretaceae *Terminalia seyrigii
Combretaceae *Terminalia ulexoïdes
Convolvulaceae *Hildebrandtia austinii
Convolvulaceae *Hildebrandtia promontorii
Crassulaceae *Kalanchoe millotii
Didiereaceae *Alluaudia comosa compass tree
Didiereaceae *Alluaudia humbertii
Didiereaceae *Alluaudia procera Madagascar ocotillo
Didiereaceae *Alluiaudia montagnacii
Didiereaceae *Alluaudiopsis fiherenensis
Didiereaceae *Didierea madagascariensis octopus tree
Dioscoreaceae *Dioscorea nako
Ebenaceae *Diospyros humbertiana
Ebenaceae *Diospyros manampetsae
Erythroxylaceae *Erythroxylum leandrianum (retusum)
Euphorbiaceae *Acalypha decaryana
Euphorbiaceae *Croton cotoneaster
Euphorbiaceae *Croton geayi
Euphorbiaceae *Croton salviformis
Euphorbiaceae *Euphorbia alluaudii ssp. oncoclada
Euphorbiaceae *Euphorbia plagiantha
Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia stenoclada silver thicket
Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia tirucalli
Euphorbiaceae *Securinega seyrigii
Fabaceae *Acacia bellula
Fabaceae *Alantsilodendron alluaudianum
Fabaceae *Albizia atakataka
Fabaceae *Albizia mahalao
Fabaceae *Albizia tulearensis
Fabaceae *Bauhinia grandidieri
Fabaceae *Chadsia grevei
Fabaceae *Delonix edulis
Fabaceae *Delonix floribunda
Fabaceae *Dichrostachys tenuifolia
Fabaceae *Crotalaria androyensis
Fabaceae *Indigofera mahafalensis (Vaughania mahafalensis)
Fabaceae *Dicraeopetalum mahafaliense
Fabaceae *Indigofera mouroundavensis
Fabaceae *Delonix edulis (Lemuropisum edule)
Fabaceae Mimosa delicatula
Fabaceae *Senna meridionalis
Fabaceae Tamarindus indica
Fabaceae *Tephrosia alba
Fabaceae *Tephrosia bibracteolata
Fabaceae *Tetrapterocarpon geayi
Fabaceae Vaughania depauperata
Hernandiaceae Gyrocarpus americanus
Lamiaceae *Karomia microphylla
Lythraceae *Capuronianthus mahafalensis
Lythraceae Lawsonia inermis (introduced species)
Malvaceae *Adansonia rubrostipa Fony baobab
Malvaceae *Grewia grevei
Malvaceae *Grewia humblotii
Malvaceae *Grewia mahafaliensis
Malvaceae *Grewia tulearensis
Malvaceae *Humbertiella quararibeoides
Meliaceae *Calodecaryia pauciflora
Meliaceae *Neobeguea mahafaliensis
Moraceae *Ficus Ficus humbertii fig
Moraceae *Ficus marmorata fig
Moraceae *Ficus menabeensis fig
Moraceae Ficus polita (F. megapoda) fig
Moringaceae *Moringa drouhardii bottle tree
Olacaceae Olax dissitiflora (Olax andronensis)
Olacaceae *Ximenia perrieri
Papaveraceae Argemone mexicana Mexican prickly poppy (introduced)
Passifloraceae *Adenia olaboensis
Pedaliaceae *Uncarina stellulifera
Plumbaginaceae Plumbago aphylla
Polygalaceae *Polygala greveana
Portulacaceae *Talinella microphylla
Ptaeroxylaceae *Cedrelopsis gracilis
Ptaeroxylaceae *Cedrelopsis grevei
Pteridaceae Acrostichum aureum golden leather fern
Rubiaceae *Catunaregam spinosa
Rubiaceae *Lathraeocarpa acicularis
Rubiaceae *Paederia grandidieri
Salvadoraceae Azima tetracantha
Salvadoraceae Salvadora angustifolia
Sapindaceae *Erythrophysa aesculina
Scrophulariaceae *Leucosalpa poissonii
Solanaceae Lycium elliotii (Lycium acutifolium)
Solanaceae Solanum sp.
Talinaceae *Talinella microphylla
Typhaceae Typha domingensis (Typha angustifolia in error) southern cattail
Velloziaceae Xerophyta dasylirioides
Velloziaceae Xerophyta tulearensis
Verbenaceae Clerodendrun sp.
Vitaceae *Cissus bosseri
Vitaceae *Cyphostemma elephantopus
Zygophyllaceae Tetraena madagascariensis (Zygophyllum depauperatum)

. . . List of plants in Tsimanampetsotsa . . .

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. . . List of plants in Tsimanampetsotsa . . .

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